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Welcome to the home of handcrafted bonsai pots by Marg Fenn.

Hachi-No-Ki roughly translated "The Potted Trees". Is also the title of a Noh play, based on a story from c. 1383. It tells of an impoverished samurai who sacrifices his three last dwarf potted trees as firewood to provide warmth for a traveling monk on a winter night. The monk is an official in disguise who later rewards the samurai by giving him three lands whose names include the names of the three types of trees the samurai burnt: ume (plum), matsu (pine), and sakura (cherry).

NOTICE: Due to the amount of admin involved in keeping a website stocked with individually handcrafted items, Marg has decided at this stage not to offer pots for sale on this website.

This way she can keep her prices lower and concentrate more time on making pots! The best way to keep up with what she is producing is to Like us on Facebook. You will then receive notification of whats coming out of the kiln!

You can also purchase Marg Fenn Pots at the following places.

- Bonsai Sensation
- Bonsai Island
- Bonsai Society Vic. (BSV)
- Vic. Native Bonsai Club (VNBC)

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